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Privacy statement
What is private information?
Private information is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person and may relate to one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.
Private information collected and processed by the site
Private information collected by this site includes the following:
How private information is used in the site
Private information collected by the site is used for the purpose of providing the services available on the site, according to the terms of use.

Certain private information will be available for public display. This information includes such things as your name, nationality, club affiliation, gender, age as well as any and all flight information and media you supply. Additionally, derived works from the information submitted, such as evaluation of flight performances, analysis of flight data from a log file and works generated from this information will be made available to the public.

Certain private information will be protected from public use and will only be available for the functioning of the site and to persons associated with site administration. This information includes your username and email address.

Your password is stored in a database in encrypted form, which ensures that while the system can make use of it to authenticate you, the actual text of the password can never be directly read, even at a system level.

Site usage information automatically collected by the server is used for statistical and administration purposes.

Use of private information by 3rd parties
Crosscountry.aero is committed to ensuring the privacy of your contact information and we will never sell or distribute your email for commercial purposes. We will never give out your contact information or other private information to 3rd parties without your explicit consent.

Forwarding of private information to 3rd parties may take place when you elect to publish content to 3rd party social networks and associated services. When electing to do so, you must ensure that you understand what private information you have elected to share with these parties. The site will always forward only the specific information you have elected to share.

Certain site services make use of 3rd party web services. While the site does not forward any private information to these 3rd parties, you may be tracked by these services for technical or other reasons. Please refer to the privacy statements of these services for further information.

Use of cookies
Cookies are sometimes used by the system to track your session while using the site. These types of "session cookies" do not contain any private information, but are used to maintain a state of communication between your browser and the server. The site does not generally use cookies stored on your browser to store private information in a permanent way. The exception to this is if you elect to be remembered when you return to the site. In this case, a tracking number will be stored on your browser identifying you to the system. No private information is stored in the cookie, other than this tracking number. If you have enabled the "Remember me" function and do not wish to continue to be tracked in this way, you may at any time elect to log off, at which time the tracking will be removed.

A cookie may be also used to track your language preference for the site. This type of cookie does not contain any private information that identifies you, but only specifies the language chosen to view the site. This type of cookie is set to expire periodically, but you may choose to delete it from your computer by going to your browser options and selecting to remove it.

The site makes use of some 3rd party services, such as Google Maps and Charts. It is possible that these services may use cookies while processing your request. To find out how this may take place, please consult the relevant policies of the individual providers.